New Era Pest Control Agrees Recycling Electronics is EcoSmart

Recycle electronics in Miami

Need to recycle computer/electronics? Do it for Free!

Because of our dedication to preserving the environment, New Era Pest Control recommends green alternatives and is something that we feel really good about! Simply throwing those electronics in the garbage over a period of time really hurts our environment. Recycling allows the plastics, metals, processors and more to be re-used.

Our Natural Pest Control Company and others discard our product containers in a safe manner. If you have ever changed your oil at home, taking the old oil to some place that would recycle it, like your local auto parts store, or garage would be the “right thing to do”. Right? Separating your plastics and paper at home for recycling is also something good for the environment. Well electronics are no different. Simply throwing them away really hurts our planet over the long haul. Below are some places that will take your old relics. They’ll love ya for it and you’ll feel good all over for doing your part to keep our planet a safe place to live for years to come!

Best Buy– In Store Kiosks

Accepted items include: Nearly everything electronic, including tube TVs and monitors up to 32″, flat-panel TVs and monitors up to 60″, peripherals, DVD players, home and car audio, cell phones, MP3 players, and cables. Desktop or laptop computers with the hard drive removed. Small electrics, fans and vacuums. $10 for televisions and monitors, but you immediately receive a $10 Best Buy gift card good toward future purchase. Three items per household per day.

Not accepted: Internal and External computer hard drives. Console TVs of any size, or tube TVs and monitors larger than 32″. They have a pickup program for this, see website Electronics containing refrigerants, such as mini refrigerators or air conditioners. Appliances.


Miami Dade Solid Waste – Select Locations

Accepted items include: Computer monitors, televisions, personal computers, keyboards, hard drives, printers, VCRs, audio & video equipment, cell phones.


SIR International – For businesses

Free pick-up in Miami Dade.

Accepted items include: Anything that plugs in or runs on batteries.



Accepted items include: PDAs, cell phones, digital cameras, ink cartridges, toner. Dell computers. All other computers and large office electronics accepted at $10/item.


Target– In Store Kiosks

Accepted items include: MP3 Players, Cell Phones, Ink Cartridges.


Many manufacturers are now offering free recycling programs for their products. Here is the EPA’s list of where you can drop off or send your cell phone, computer, and television. Always check when you have a specific item you’d like to recycle; it is the most complete list in the country.Don’t forget, if the item is still in working order, try to donate it first!

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Nearly every home or business at one time or another faces the unpleasant task of removing some sort of insect, bug, pest, or rodent. Here in South Florida, this is certainly true as our climate provides an excellent place for these pests to live and breed. Once these pests are discovered and identified, removing them effectively seems to be a true art.
The question that arises in many minds is:
Pest Control or Pest Elimination?
Which one is accurate?
Let’s take a look

Pest Elimination
The term pest elimination truly assumes that the elimination of pests is being achieved without the possibility of return. Some “pest control companies” claim they perform “pest elimination” services. This statement can be confusing to some. In the perfect world, pest elimination would be perfect for those who never want to see another insect/pest again in their lives. However, this is truly not possible and the insect/pest always returns at one time or another as proven by more than 4500 years of pest problems that continue to bother us today. Although the pests may be “eliminated” temporarily, they ultimately return with time. Customers are sometimes “lured in” by this statement but are soon disappointed once the pest returns.

Pest Control
For many years, the term “Pest Elimination” only refers to the temporary removal or elimination of pests and should not be confused with “total elimination”. Eliminating these pests is somewhat confusing in some regards. Although the pests are eliminated for a short time, the pests will return and have been returning for centuries.

In reality, we are really only controlling these pests. Keeping them at a level in which we can tolerate their presence, for we will never eradicate these pests nor do we really want to in the grand scheme of things. In reality these pests have a greater purpose in the overall makeup of our world and it’s ecology.

So in closing, we simply must accept that we live in a world with undesirable insects, animals, and some humans if you know what I mean. Living with them at an acceptable level and tolerating them is what we have grown to do. In the case of insects/pests, we simply control their existence in our world, to an acceptable level.

Pest Control in Miami Florida – New Era Pest Control


So, your looking for pest control without harmful chemicals and smelly pesticides? One that you can trust won’t harm you, your animals, or your children. Well, look no further!

New Era Pest Control specializes in removing insects using natural pest control methods. Techniques like excluding the pest from entering the home by creating a barrier on the outside of the home, keeps these pests from getting in to begin with. Seal the outside and seal your problem with insects and bugs.

For those insects that do enter the home, using natural bait placements, pheromone sticky traps to entice the insects, ant gels and many more natural techniques, are just a few tricks we have up our sleeves.

Simply spraying insecticide all over the home is not the answer any longer. Pest Control has evolved over the years and truly focuses on protecting human and animal life and their well being,reducing harmful pesticide use in the home, and ultimately removing the pest as a desired result.

New Era Pest Control leaves your home, knowing that your environment is pest free and a safe place to live. Family and Pet Friendly! Environmentally Safe! Miami’s Residential Experts

Don’t Settle for less!

Miami Exterminators – New Era Pest Control


Rat - Exterminators - New Era Pest Control

Rat – Exterminators – New Era Pest Control

Roof Rats spend most of their lives more than 4 feet off the ground. Visual sightings of roof rats on power lines, trees, bushes are common. Seeing rat droppings, gnawing marks on electrical wires, or a new hole by the base of the floor, could mean you might have rats. Hearing noises in the attic? Besides the settling sounds a house can make, rats can also make sounds that are rather bothersome in the night hours. Scurrying from one side to another could be a good indicator that roof rats may be present in your attic. Hearing sounds in the walls, high pitched screeches, gnawing sounds are all reasons to suspect roof rats may be in your home.

Pets like dogs or cats can be rather unsettled when rats are present as well. I remember as a kid we had a rat problem. Our faithful dog Bert was our rat hunter. These rodents would climb the mango mango tree. Rats love mango’s. Noticing hollowed out fruit or citrus? Well, anyways, they would climb the mango tree.and get on the roof, find an opening or make one, and work their way down the walls and into the house. As soon as Bert would raise his head and run into the kitchen, we knew he was after a rat. He would catch the rat and set it down at my fathers feet as a gift. Bert was rewarded with a real treat (a piece of steak) We eventually had a pest control company come out and seal the home and cut the branches away from the home. This ultimately got rid of the problem. Sure do miss our rat hunting dog! Love you and miss ya Bert!

Miami Pest Control – New Era Pest Control


New Era Pest Control - outdoors exterminators

New Era Pest Control – outdoors exterminators

So many people seem to be unhappy with the exterminator they use for their pest control needs. There are many reasons why they may be unhappy.

Maybe they don’t show up on time or at all, they don’t do a complete job, they are sloppy, etc. please tell us why you are unhappy with the service provided by your existing pest control provider. Even if you don’t have a current exterminator, tell us your previous experiences with exterminators you have used or have heard about.

If you are happy with the service you are getting. What makes the service you receive special?

Tell us what you like about the service you receive. Maybe the technician is nice, maybe hes just really good at what he does. Maybe hes low cost, or offers great service.

Tell us what your thoughts are.

Miami Pest Control – New Era Pest Control


Many pest control companies spray pesticides “everywhere” in an effort to gain control over pests in the home. Unfortunately, this approach leaves those chemicals in places where your family members and pets can come in contact with them.

One of the main components of our natural IPM integration solution is “Exclusion”. The goal is to create a tight seal around your home so that pests and rodents cannot find entrance ways. This is a more natural, customized and healthier approach to pest management. Using natural baits, gels, and natural pesticides on the outside of the house help protect the inside from those unwanted intruders.

A natural (IPM) Integrated Pest Management approach in each scenario, while determining the most effective, safest and most natural combination of products, methods and application techniques to manage your individual pest problem is clearly a better option to simply spraying poisons all over the home.

Integrated Pest Management - Natural Pest Control

Integrated Pest Management – Natural Pest Control

New Era Pest Control IPM approach is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to natural pest control that relies on a combination of natural, common-sense practices and is based on our knowledge and understanding of insect biology’s, environments, habits and natural habitats. The use of these practices and natural insecticides, baits, and techniques assist us in controlling pests the natural way! Improving sanitary conditions, monitoring and correcting landscaping and structural conditions, assists us in keeping those pesty critters from entering your home, Naturally!

How To Get Rid of Rats

How to get rid of rats

Rats and Mice invade homes in record numbers in the fall and winter months, looking for food and a more suitable place to spend the cooler months. The question many people ask us is, “How do mice and rats get into our home?” 


Rats Can cause electrical fires with their gnawing of electrical wiring.

Rats & Mice have an amazing ability to squeeze through very small holes. A young mouse can easily squeeze through a hole smaller than a dime: a young rat can squeeze through a hole smaller than a quarter. Amazing, Isnt it? And if the opening is too small, they will often make it bigger by gnawing the edges until it becomes large enough to fit through it.

Openings around conduits, like electricity and phone lines, and water pipes, provide easy access indoors. Dryer vents and gaps around window air conditioner units are other common entry points. Rodents can also crawl up through drain pipes not properly capped, as well as under exterior doors that don’t seal well.

Rats reach roof areas easily by “tight-rope walking” along utility lines and tree branches, by climbing up pipes, and even through gutter downspouts. This enables them to enter through roof and chimney vents, cracks, around fireplace flashing, and through any other cracks and openings.

Surprisingly, Rats sometimes are inadvertently brought indoors hidden in bags, boxes, and used appliances or furniture. And they sometime scurry in through an open door or unscreened window.

Rats are persistent, and they find many ways to get indoors. 


There is good news and it takes some basic knowledge to make sure these pests don’t intrude your humble abode.

As a Natural Pest Control Company , using poisons and traps is a last resort in removing rats, rodents, and mice. There are much better solutions and a little preperation will offer years of protection.

Seal Rats Out!

Once you have sealed out the rats, now its important to remove all readily available food sources. One of the most readily available food sources for rats is dog, and bird food. Put food down only during feeding time for pets and be sure to pick up the food when animals are not feeding. Free food will almost always make a rat problem worse.

Rats love clutter! Remove excess clutter!

Clutter and undisturbed clutter is an excellent cover for a rat nest and infestation. These areas form well for rats and their babies to survive and thrive. Look for shredded paper and the likes as this could mean a rat nest is close by. Urine smells usually indicate a rodent problem is near by. Fecal matter will almost always be present in these areas as well.

Believe it or not Rats and Mice are very afraid of you and typically would not attack you in any way unless cornered with no way out. Rodents simply live and die for 3 basic needs. Their prime existence revolves around food, water, and making little rodents. They are NOT there to eat you, attack you or sit and watch television with you while you eat your Bon Bons on the couch. The search for food, water and nesting materials/places remains the primary focus.

With this being said, these pests can cause a considerable amount of damage in order to achieve their goals, and must be removed from the home.

Rats and Mice prefer to be in areas where they are safe and hidden from predators, like birds, cats, even humans. Hiding and moving through things like wood piles, construction debris, bushes, garbage, trees, or anything else it can find keeps them hidden and undetected in most situations. Removal of these items, keeping the grass cut low, trimming trees away from the house, and placing dog food in plastic containers can help.

In most cases rats and rodents can be a serious challenge. If you feel you need a professional to take care of the problem for you, give us a call! Were here to help! 🙂



The nicest thing about December is telling our customers how much we cherish them. At New Era Pest Control, during this holiday season, our thoughts turn greatfully to those who have made our progress possible.

We thank you and wish you seasons greetings!


MIAMI ( – The Miami man who was found in the cab of a fume-filled pest-control pickup truck along I-95 in Palm Beach County Monday apparently was not legally allowed to do pest control work, according to an investigation by

A search of state records indicates Jorge Barahona, who was found in a truck bearing the name CJ’s Pest Control, may have been having trouble with the pest control business he has run from his Southwest Miami-Dade home since March of 1998.

Barahona was found in a truck identifying his business Monday morning, along with a 10-year-old boy said by police to be a foster child in his care. Fumes in the truck sent the Barahona and the boy to the hospital, along with 4 firefighters. A body was found in the truck later in the day, sparking a major investigation.

Barahona and his wife, Carmen, incorporated CJ’s Pest Exterminators Inc. in March, 1998, and operated the business from their home on SW 47th terrace in Southwest Miami-Dade, according to records on file with the Florida Secretary of State.

Neighbors were aware of the business, and some had good things to say about Barahona and how he managed toxic pest-control chemicals.

“He was always very cautious when he did his stuff,” said neighbor Jim Sheppard. “He sprayed my house, and when he came in and sprayed my house he’d always put on a big respirator and ask me to step out. He’s always really cautious and careful about the chemicals.”

But according to state records, Barahona should not have been applying pest control chemicals in any home but his own.

The Florida Department of Agriculture database of licensed pest control operators shows that while Barahona is a certified operator in good standing for general home pest control, a state ID card he was required to carry to do business in people’s homes expired in August of 2009, and had not been renewed. Without it, “It’s not legal for him go go out and perform pest control,” said a clerk in the Agriculture department’s department of Entomology and Pest Control.

Michael Page, Chief of the Bureau of Entomology and Pest Control, told that Barahona’s company’s license expired November 15th, 2009

There are other apparent lapses in Barahona’s business. In March, 2010, he failed to file a required annual report for CJ’s Pest Exterminators Inc. with the Secretary of State. According to state records, his corporation was dissolved 6 months later, in September 2010.

There is no record Barahona attempted to have the corporation reinstated, which would have required paying a $400 late filing penalty. Instead, in order to have the legal status to maintain a business bank account, Barahona filed a “Fictitious Name” request with the state, paying a $50 fee to use the name CJ’s Pest Control, which was the name on the pickup truck along I-95 Monday.

The state approved that request February 8th, 6 days before Barahona was found inside his truck, with a body in the back.

In Miami-Dade County, the law requires all businesses, including those operating from a home, to obtain a tax receipt. County records show there is no such certificate for Barahona’s address or any of the businesses located there. In addition, some businesses require a certificate of use depending on the type of business and where they operate.

Hilda Castillo, a spokesperson for Miami-Dade Building and Zoning, confirmed Tuesday afternoon that the county has no certificate of use on file for Barahona’s address.


The world’s first flying car (maybe pest control truck?) has come closer to lift-off after being granted road safety exemptions that will allow it to be used both on the road and in the air. Imagine the Pest Control in Miami that could be offered if this possibility became a reality.

The Transition Roadable Aircraft, likely to cost £160,000, can fold its wings away to drive on the road.

Its makers have been given permission to use special tires that will not weigh the aircraft when it is in flight.

Instead of heavy glass windows, it will have panes made from a polycarbonate material that is lighter and less likely to shatter.

The exceptions granted by the American National Highway Traffic Safety Administration last week mean the car-plane — which echoes famous flying car Chitty Chitty Bang Bang — has come within reach of going on sale for the first time.

With a wing span of 27.5ft and an airborne range of 460 miles, owners could soar into the skies and cruise at 115mph if traffic gets too much.The 19ft-long device takes unleaded fuel and can be parked in a garage. But prospective buyers must have a flying licence — and the car will only start if a special code is used.

Manufacturer Terrafugia, based in Woburn, Massachusetts, said it should come on the market at the end of next year.

A local pest control company in the kendall area of Miami, New Era Pest Control, is waiting for these to be released and would like to use them for its local based routes, in order to better serve its customers.