New Era Pest Control is located in the Winn Dixie Shopping Center on Southwest 104 Street and 147th Ave in the Kendall area of Miami Florida. Our address is 14629 SW 104 Street #239 Miami, FL, 33186. Lost? Give us a call! We will get you here! 786-462-5912. Miami Pest Control in Carol City Florida, pest control services the natural way!

Directions to 14629 SW 104 Street #239, Miami Florida 33186

Starting from NW 42nd Ave
1 Head south on NW 42nd Ave toward NW 183rd St – go 33 ft
2 Make a U-turn at NW 183rd St – go 92 ft
3 Take the 1st left onto NW 183rd St – go 1.5 mi
4 Turn right at NW 57th Ave/FL-823 – go 2.3 mi Continue to follow FL-823
5 Take the FL-821/Floridas Turnpike ramp – go 482 ft Toll road 6 Keep right at the fork to continue toward FL-821 S/Florida’s Turnpike S and merge onto FL-821 S/Florida’s Turnpike S – go 23.0 mi Toll road
7 Take exit 20 for Kendall Dr/FL-94/SW 88th St – go 0.2 mi
8 Keep right at the fork to continue toward SW 88th St/FL-94/N Kendall Dr – go 0.2 mi
9 Turn right at SW 88th St/FL-94/N Kendall Dr – go 1.5 mi
10 Turn left at SW 137th Ave/FL-825 – go 1.0 mi
11 Turn right at SW 104th St – go 0.9 mi Arriving at SW 104th St

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