Terms of Service Agreement

Terms of Service Agreement

This “Terms of Service Agreement” has been created so that both parties, the consumer of said service and the provider of service know what to expect from each other as this service is being provided. The consumer hires New Era Pest Control Inc. to perform its professional services, in an effort to resolve infestation levels in the home or place of business. New Era Pest Control Inc. excepts the job and will provide its service with a set of requirements, that are key to its success.

SERVICE: New Era Pest Control Inc. will provide “Pest Control” related services for it’s customers with the intention of eliminating infestation levels, and maintaining expectable levels in the future, with regular service intervals. We do this while utilizing more pet/human/earth friendly practices. To say that we will eliminate future pest occurrences, would clearly be misleading and untrue. A more honest approach would state “Pest Control”. Protecting and controlling your environment from the elements (Pests). Remember we live in their world. New Era Pest Control Inc. does not claim “total elimination” of pest levels, as this is clearly an unrealistic expectation. No other company would make such bogus claims. Mother Nature and Pests will continue to challenge our way of life, and have done so for millions of years. Our goal is to keep your home completely free from insects and pests. However, if were being honest, It is possible that the customer may see an occasional pests during the maintenance period. Our approach is an honest one. In our warm tropical environment, we are bound to see some insect activity. What separates the good companies from the not so good, is how we react to the problem. And what we do to resolve it. It’s simple, If a problem should arise, simply report the incident and New Era Pest Control Inc. will, within a reasonable time (24 hours) schedule a “callback” to retreat the area of the pest sighting. “Callback” retreats, are an area by area treatment only, and do not require the entire structure to be retreated. We will not retreat the entire structure unless the technician, deems it necessary. This agreement insures that New Era Pest Control Inc. will provide “Pest Control” services, on-time and in a professional manner. In the same respect, Customer agrees to make property readily available to New Era Pest Control Inc. for the purpose of providing “Pest Control Services” on the specified contracted frequency. New Era Pest Control Inc. will make every effort to contact customer to schedule it’s services. Currently, phone calls, emails, text messages, and reminder notifications are being used to notify our customers, and we will continue to do so in an effort to remind the customer that services are due. However, the Customer is ultimately responsible for contacting New Era Pest Control Inc. to schedule its regular maintenance service. There will be a $20.00 no show charge, if the service was agreed upon and confirmed by both parties, and no one shows to make the property available to our techs.

2. GUARANTEE: New Era Pest Control Inc. offers a guarantee, depending on the service type selected. Some pests require more than one treatment to gain control over the insect, while others may only require one service for control. Ask your salesperson for more details.Our guarantee to you is if you are seeing infestation levels while under the guarantee period, we will return at no cost to you, and make the correction. The sighting of one insect in the structure does not mean your home is infested, nor does it mean that we are obligated to return to your home or business to correct that scenario.

3. CANCEL AGREEMENT: Either party may cancel this Agreement at any time with a thirty (30) day written notice. No Exceptions! If written notice is not submitted in adequate time, one additional service month, will be charged. All outstanding balances, for services provided, must be paid in full upon cancellation.

a. CANCEL SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE SERVICE: Life Happens! We get that, and occasionally, your going to miss an appointment because something just came up. Our policy for these types of events is to allow 2 courtesy “Late Cancels” per year (1 per Every 6 months) for these types of mishaps.

The remaining service months require that if you call to cancel an appointment inside of 24 hours from your scheduled service there will be a $20.00 “cancel” charge. We are sure your asking why would we charge this fee? Setting schedules for many customers is a great challenge. Once that appointment is scheduled, we move on until the entire schedule is completed and move to the next days scheduling. If you call in with let’s say 12 hours, the night before the your scheduled service, that does not give us enough time to contact another customer to fill the void that your “cancelled” job has created. So instead, we lose the revenue that could have been made in that slot. We also have to pay technicians for that hour while no work is being generated. We lose all together.  Please be mindful of this and call us well in advance if you need to cancel your appointment. Thank you for your understanding.

4. PAYMENT: Customer assumes full financial responsibility for services rendered. New Era Pest Control Inc. does not accept net terms on residential properties. Therefore, payment is due in full at the completion of each service. In those cases where net terms are extended, a late fee of $25.00 will be applied to all unpaid invoices that are 30 days or more past the service date. At its own discretion, New Era Pest Control Inc. may discontinue service and begin collection proceedings without submitting (30) day cancellation notification if outstanding balances are not paid within 60 days. Upon failure to make such payments, the customer agrees to pay all costs associated with collection proceedings, including a reasonable attorney’s fee. Customer agrees to pay interest on all amounts 30 days past due at the rate of one and one-half percent (1 1/2%) per month (18% per annum)

5. INTERIOR SERVICE: Service neither guarantees, nor provides any control for stored product pests, flying insects, bedbugs, fleas, ticks, vertebrates, or any stinging, biting insect, unless otherwise specified. We strive to treat the interior of your home with granular baits, liquid gels, and spray based products where possible. Ensuring the structure is sealed to outside elements is critical to the success of your “Pest Control” Maintenance program. It is the customers responsibility to keep all areas sealed, caulked, plugged, and repaired to ensure external pests are not entering the structure. Your technician will notify you of those areas needing repair. If, after the technicians recommendations, repairs have still not been made, the customer will not hold New Era Pest Control Inc. liable for the continuing influx of insects coming in from the exterior of the structure. New Era Pest Control Inc. utilizes IPM (Integrated Pest Management) technologies. Prevention is key. Buyer agrees to implement recommendations in his/her partnership with New Era Pest Control Inc.

6. EXTERIOR SERVICE: Exterior service, meaning structure only. As part of the IPM technologies in which we adhere, treating the entrance ways into the home is very important. Doors, windows, pipes leading into the structure, air conditioning lines, door sweeps, etc. are all areas of concern and again, are all areas that must be repaired, sealed, or plugged by the property inhabitant. Buyer agrees to implement recommendations in his/her partnership with New Era Pest Control Inc. This treatment on the exterior is intended to prevent general household pests from entering the structure. It is not intended to treat lawn and ornamental pests, or fire ants. It is possible that bushes or trees along/touching the structure may carry insects that will enter the structure for food and water for the colony. Treating these bushes, trees, plants individually may ultimately help the indoors problem. Also Fire ants from the yard coming into the house for dog food, cat food, or water should be treated by spraying of the yard. Treating bushes or the yard are not services New Era Pest Control can perform. Occasionally New Era Pest Control Inc. may recommend control measures on the exterior that are beyond the normal scope of work, ie. Yard spray, or ornamental, tree related services. In those circumstances, contracting a specialist in this field of work is recommended.

7. MOSQUITO REDUCTION: Mosquito Barrier Service does not eliminate mosquitoes, only reduces populations of mosquitoes and does not treat or prevent mosquito-borne disease. Nor does it prevent mosquito bites. These services work well to reduce the numbers of mosquitos and their offspring. As usual, ensuring the area is non conducive to mosquito breeding, we can reduce the numbers of mosquitos and the hatching eggs. These services are a complimentary means to the ultimate mosquito control.

8. CUSTOMER OBLIGATIONS: Customer understands that results of service are relative to and dependent upon the cooperation of the Customer as to housekeeping, sanitation, maintenance, and accessibility of areas to be serviced. Customer agrees to cooperate with as reasonably necessary to facilitate treatment and control. Customer agrees to assist in correcting existing and potential conditions, such as sanitation and corrective construction measures, in order to prevent pest infestation. This includes, but is not limited to, keeping gutters and drains clean, cleaning debris from trash areas, repairing plumbing leaks, etc… Failure of Customer to take necessary steps to correct such conditions will relieve New Era Pest Control Inc. of its obligations under this Agreement. Customer must actively seek to schedule its regularly maintenance service. We will make every attempt to contact the customer regarding the scheduling of each service, however New Era Pest Control Inc. is not responsible for forcing the customer to accept service. If we are unable to contact the customer, it is the ultimate responsibility of the customer to call, email, text, chat with a representative so that we can schedule the service. Our guarantee is only active for those who are “active” in our database. Receiving regularly scheduled, uninterrupted pest control service, ensures that the guarantee Is solidly in place. Those that “miss a service here” and “a service there”, may not be covered under the terms of our guarantee.

9. SERVICE EXCLUSION: Customer understands that this Agreement does not include the control or prevention of wood infesting organisms such as termites, powder post beetles, wood corers, carpenter ants, bees, or bedbugs. Customer understands that it does not include treatment for any mold or mold-like conditions, which is outside the scope of the intended treatment. New Era Pest Control Inc. cannot guarantee against re-infestation of pests from neighboring areas nor does New Era Pest Control inc. guarantee complete elimination of pests and does not guarantee against reinfestation between service intervals.

10. WAIVER: Customer expressly releases and waives all liability claims against for compensation, re-treatments or repairs for past, present, or future insect or rodent damage to the structure or its contents, personal injury or damages arising from biting or stinging pests, or contact with any  product used by New Era Pest Control Inc. at the service address. Customer waives any claim for damage or Injury unless made in writing within 60 days of treatment or incident.

11. ACTS OF GOD AND OTHER EVENTS: Certain events beyond the control of New Era Pest Control Inc. may affect it’s ability to perform obligations provided for under this agreement. These events include, but are not limited to heavy rain, strong winds, hurricanes, extreme temperatures, acts of governmental authorities, or any other acts of God, or circumstances or causes beyond the control of New Era Pest Control Inc. New Era Pest Control Inc. shall have no liability if, at its discretion, it becomes necessary to postpone, cancel, or terminate treatment as a result of such