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Rat – Exterminators – New Era Pest Control

Roof Rats spend most of their lives more than 4 feet off the ground. Visual sightings of roof rats on power lines, trees, bushes are common. Seeing rat droppings, gnawing marks on electrical wires, or a new hole by the base of the floor, could mean you might have rats. Hearing noises in the attic? Besides the settling sounds a house can make, rats can also make sounds that are rather bothersome in the night hours. Scurrying from one side to another could be a good indicator that roof rats may be present in your attic. Hearing sounds in the walls, high pitched screeches, gnawing sounds are all reasons to suspect roof rats may be in your home.

Pets like dogs or cats can be rather unsettled when rats are present as well. I remember as a kid we had a rat problem. Our faithful dog Bert was our rat hunter. These rodents would climb the mango mango tree. Rats love mango’s. Noticing hollowed out fruit or citrus? Well, anyways, they would climb the mango tree.and get on the roof, find an opening or make one, and work their way down the walls and into the house. As soon as Bert would raise his head and run into the kitchen, we knew he was after a rat. He would catch the rat and set it down at my fathers feet as a gift. Bert was rewarded with a real treat (a piece of steak) We eventually had a pest control company come out and seal the home and cut the branches away from the home. This ultimately got rid of the problem. Sure do miss our rat hunting dog! Love you and miss ya Bert!

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