So, your looking for pest control without harmful chemicals and smelly pesticides? One that you can trust won’t harm you, your animals, or your children. Well, look no further!

New Era Pest Control specializes in removing insects using natural pest control methods. Techniques like excluding the pest from entering the home by creating a barrier on the outside of the home, keeps these pests from getting in to begin with. Seal the outside and seal your problem with insects and bugs.

For those insects that do enter the home, using natural bait placements, pheromone sticky traps to entice the insects, ant gels and many more natural techniques, are just a few tricks we have up our sleeves.

Simply spraying insecticide all over the home is not the answer any longer. Pest Control has evolved over the years and truly focuses on protecting human and animal life and their well being,reducing harmful pesticide use in the home, and ultimately removing the pest as a desired result.

New Era Pest Control leaves your home, knowing that your environment is pest free and a safe place to live. Family and Pet Friendly! Environmentally Safe! Miami’s Residential Experts

Don’t Settle for less!

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