Pest Control Receives Approval By Women

Pest Control, Naturally, gets a “Thumbs Up” from Most Women. Insects can be real pests and most women are ready for the fight.  Yes, even though they are easily scared by a passing bug and will stand on a chair with one leg while screaming at the top of their lungs, they will do anything to get the right pest control company in to resolve the issue.  If you have ever seen a women when a rodent or roach passes by, it is rather comical. Believe me!

In our line of work, we see many bugs and the problems they can create. Ants on the counters, roaches on the floors, mice in the garage. All just a regular day at work here at New Era.

It is interesting to note that 85% of our business comes from women who simply will not stand by and let these critters take over their home.  The more critical issue is the concern for the possible effects of pesticides on their children and pets. When Asked, women prefer a more pest control approach to getting rid of these pests. A more common response from men is “I can do it myself”.

If asked, most women will admit the “man of the house” does not want to hire a professional company.  He will hold his ground and would rather spend more money and time going back and forth to the local Home Depot store to pick up a plethora of sprays or traps to resolve the issue.  In reality  the problem still exists or worsens and the house has an odor of nasty smelling pesticides. Sorry Guys! We know you tried your best!

Don’t take a chance! Isn’t your family worth it? If your looking to get rid of your bug issues without harmful, smelly chemicals, pest control is the way to go! Call New Era Pest Control at 786-462-5912. You will be glad you did!