Nearly every home or business at one time or another faces the unpleasant task of removing some sort of insect, bug, pest, or rodent. Here in South Florida, this is certainly true as our climate provides an excellent place for these pests to live and breed. Once these pests are discovered and identified, removing them effectively seems to be a true art.
The question that arises in many minds is:
Pest Control or Pest Elimination?
Which one is accurate?
Let’s take a look

Pest Elimination
The term pest elimination truly assumes that the elimination of pests is being achieved without the possibility of return. Some “pest control companies” claim they perform “pest elimination” services. This statement can be confusing to some. In the perfect world, pest elimination would be perfect for those who never want to see another insect/pest again in their lives. However, this is truly not possible and the insect/pest always returns at one time or another as proven by more than 4500 years of pest problems that continue to bother us today. Although the pests may be “eliminated” temporarily, they ultimately return with time. Customers are sometimes “lured in” by this statement but are soon disappointed once the pest returns.

Pest Control
For many years, the term “Pest Elimination” only refers to the temporary removal or elimination of pests and should not be confused with “total elimination”. Eliminating these pests is somewhat confusing in some regards. Although the pests are eliminated for a short time, the pests will return and have been returning for centuries.

In reality, we are really only controlling these pests. Keeping them at a level in which we can tolerate their presence, for we will never eradicate these pests nor do we really want to in the grand scheme of things. In reality these pests have a greater purpose in the overall makeup of our world and it’s ecology.

So in closing, we simply must accept that we live in a world with undesirable insects, animals, and some humans if you know what I mean. Living with them at an acceptable level and tolerating them is what we have grown to do. In the case of insects/pests, we simply control their existence in our world, to an acceptable level.

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