Many pest control companies spray pesticides “everywhere” in an effort to gain control over pests in the home. Unfortunately, this approach leaves those chemicals in places where your family members and pets can come in contact with them.

One of the main components of our natural IPM integration solution is “Exclusion”. The goal is to create a tight seal around your home so that pests and rodents cannot find entrance ways. This is a more natural, customized and healthier approach to pest management. Using natural baits, gels, and natural pesticides on the outside of the house help protect the inside from those unwanted intruders.

A natural (IPM) Integrated Pest Management approach in each scenario, while determining the most effective, safest and most natural combination of products, methods and application techniques to manage your individual pest problem is clearly a better option to simply spraying poisons all over the home.

Integrated Pest Management - Natural Pest Control

Integrated Pest Management – Natural Pest Control

New Era Pest Control IPM approach is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to natural pest control that relies on a combination of natural, common-sense practices and is based on our knowledge and understanding of insect biology’s, environments, habits and natural habitats. The use of these practices and natural insecticides, baits, and techniques assist us in controlling pests the natural way! Improving sanitary conditions, monitoring and correcting landscaping and structural conditions, assists us in keeping those pesty critters from entering your home, Naturally!