New Era Pest Control Agrees Recycling Electronics is EcoSmart

Recycle electronics in Miami

Need to recycle computer/electronics? Do it for Free!

Because of our dedication to preserving the environment, New Era Pest Control recommends green alternatives and is something that we feel really good about! Simply throwing those electronics in the garbage over a period of time really hurts our environment. Recycling allows the plastics, metals, processors and more to be re-used.

Our Natural Pest Control Company and others discard our product containers in a safe manner. If you have ever changed your oil at home, taking the old oil to some place that would recycle it, like your local auto parts store, or garage would be the “right thing to do”. Right? Separating your plastics and paper at home for recycling is also something good for the environment. Well electronics are no different. Simply throwing them away really hurts our planet over the long haul. Below are some places that will take your old relics. They’ll love ya for it and you’ll feel good all over for doing your part to keep our planet a safe place to live for years to come!

Best Buy– In Store Kiosks

Accepted items include: Nearly everything electronic, including tube TVs and monitors up to 32″, flat-panel TVs and monitors up to 60″, peripherals, DVD players, home and car audio, cell phones, MP3 players, and cables. Desktop or laptop computers with the hard drive removed. Small electrics, fans and vacuums. $10 for televisions and monitors, but you immediately receive a $10 Best Buy gift card good toward future purchase. Three items per household per day.

Not accepted: Internal and External computer hard drives. Console TVs of any size, or tube TVs and monitors larger than 32″. They have a pickup program for this, see website Electronics containing refrigerants, such as mini refrigerators or air conditioners. Appliances.


Miami Dade Solid Waste – Select Locations

Accepted items include: Computer monitors, televisions, personal computers, keyboards, hard drives, printers, VCRs, audio & video equipment, cell phones.


SIR International – For businesses

Free pick-up in Miami Dade.

Accepted items include: Anything that plugs in or runs on batteries.



Accepted items include: PDAs, cell phones, digital cameras, ink cartridges, toner. Dell computers. All other computers and large office electronics accepted at $10/item.


Target– In Store Kiosks

Accepted items include: MP3 Players, Cell Phones, Ink Cartridges.


Many manufacturers are now offering free recycling programs for their products. Here is the EPA’s list of where you can drop off or send your cell phone, computer, and television. Always check when you have a specific item you’d like to recycle; it is the most complete list in the country.Don’t forget, if the item is still in working order, try to donate it first!

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