Flea Preparation Checklist

Flea LifecycleFlea Preparation – Clear all floor surfaces of loose items such as magazines, toys and other small articles. Pick up articles on closet floors as well as under beds and furniture. Floor must be clear of all small items.

On the day of the treatment, 1 hour prior to service, vacuum all floors, carpets, rugs, and furniture including under cushions of upholstered furniture, and seams . Vacuum wood and tile floors with special attention to grooves and cracks in baseboards, etc.  Also, vacuum dog hair and cat hair as eggs are attached to this hair frequently. Pay special attention to where the wall meets the floor and all areas frequented by pets. Seal vacuum bag in a plastic bag and dispose outside in a covered receptacle. Clean thoroughly, all the areas frequented by cats or dogs i.e. table tops, window sills, etc.

Locate “hot spots” (Areas where pets spend most of their time). Remember, fleas require a blood meal to lay eggs. Fleas are most commonly located where the blood source is located. If these areas are numerous, Place a paper towel on each “hot spot” as a reminder and show your technician where these areas are.

Clean with soap and water, all uncarpeted areas prior to our service including garage floors if your pets spend any time there. Pay particular attention to cracks and crevices where the wall meets the floor.

Wash in hot water or dispose of all pet bedding. Note especially all areas where pet beds are/were located and notify the technician upon his inspection.

Remove all pets during treatment. We Recommend that the pet(s) be treated by a qualified veterinarian to remove all fleas and eggs in conjunction with our pest service.  Together with our flea control service, will greatly increase your chance of successful flea control. Do not let pets return home until treatment dries.

Ask your pet professional about flea control options for your pet(s). These options are very effective in keeping fleas off of your animal as they attempt to feed on your dog’s blood.

Plants can remain in home during treatment.

It is also possible that your yard may also need to be treatment.  Especially if your animals go outside regularly. Animals frequently visit areas that are shady, bushy, or sandy to rest or possible urinate. These areas are great places for fleas to breed and feed on your animal’s blood. Flease can easily jump on your animal. Having these areas treated in addition, will ensure that the animal is not bringing the fleas in from the outside, and causing infestation levels inside the home. Ask your technician for more info.

Clean areas around dog houses and other outside areas where pets have access. (Have grass cut short prior to treatment outside.)

Pick up all pet food bowls and dishes prior to treatment.

Minimal fleas may exist and is normal for up to two weeks after treatment. Remember eggs are hatching, fleas are coming out of their molting areas to feed. This activity will subside as you vacuum daily. Please remember to vacuum daily! I cannot stress this enough. It is absolutely necessary to vacuum to pick up any dead fleas and their eggs. Empty the vacuum bag or tray daily into a small plastic bag. You may want to purchase 1 flea collar. As you empty the vacuum bag or tray into a plastic bag, cut a 1 inch piece of the flea collar and place it in the plastic bag. Seal and place plastic bag in OUTSIDE garbage can.

To Monitor Flea Activity : Create a daily chart. On a sheet of paper, across the top show the days of the week for 10 days. Each day, comb the animal before going outside. This may take a few minutes but will greatly help in monitoring flea activity. When the animal comes back in, comb again. On that day for example record;  (OUT – how many fleas found)  and when the animal comes in ( IN – how many fleas found ). Record that information for 10 days and see how the numbers are changing.

Speak with your technician regarding your second service. Normally we will return approximately 10 days after first service as a follow-up.

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