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Choosing the Right Pest Control Company
Safe for Kids & Pets
Choosing the Right Pest Control Company
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Choosing the Right Pest Control Company
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Choosing the Right Pest Control Company
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New Era Pest Control

There is a New Era in Pest Control. One without using harmful, smelly chemicals. Come join us! Everybody's doing it!


Miami Florida

New Era Natural Pest Control

The Pest Control Miami counts on for the natural removal of insects. Guaranteed! Preventing Pests Naturally Since 1991. Our non-toxic techniques ensure insects and rodents, are no longer in your home or business. Our qualified exterminators maintain a safe environment for your family and pets. We’re Your Residential Pest Control Expert.

As parents and pet owners, we understand the need for an alternative to toxic pesticides in the home or office place. Experience says it all! Experience you can trust! Offering quality extermination services in Miami Dade and partial Broward Counties.

Pest Control Companies in Miami are everywhere. Choosing the right pest control company can be tricky. Go with an exterminator you can trust! Our Pest Control approach means you can count on the pros to rid your home of unwanted pests, without harmful, smelly chemicals! Get your FREE Pest Control Quote today!!

No Smelly Chemicals

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Safe for kids & pets

An alternative to toxic pesticides

Safe for Kids & Pets

Our IPM approach is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to natural pest management, that relies on a combination of natural, common-sense practices and is based on our knowledge and understanding of insect biologies, environments, habits, and natural habitats.

The use of these practices, baits, and techniques assist us in controlling pests the natural way, using very little insecticides! Improving sanitary conditions, monitoring and correcting landscape and structural conditions, help us keep those pesty pests from entering your home, Naturally!

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Katie Kempner

They are very professional and do a terrific job. In fact, after two service visits, I just signed up for an ongoing contract. I also appreciate that their products are safe for my dogs to be near, as I have two dogs and it's very important that they are not around any harmful products.

Janet W. - Testimonial
Janet W.

New Era Pest Control is responsive, informative and consumer centric. This company has the proper communication tools to schedule and confirm appointments and offers a convenient service to seal specific areas around the home to keep pests at bay; they truly care about their customers!

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Anne Janet A.

New Era is great! Monty is very punctual, responsive, thorough, knowledgeable, has a great sense of humor, and will get you immediate and long-lasting results. Definitely go with New Era for any pest control needs you might have!

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Matthew Chamberlin

Used New Era for years right up until we sold the house and moved out of state. Efficient, effective and reliable. Great service and great results.

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They are very professional and do a terrific job. In fact, after two service visits, I just signed up for an ongoing contract. I also appreciate that their products are safe for my dogs to be near, as I have two dogs and it’s very important that they are not around any harmful products.

Katie Kempner

High quality service

The Best In Miami

We’re a small company. This allows us to focus on our customers, our customer service, and delivering services that our customers pay for and truly deserve.

We certainly want to grow our business, but not at the expense of losing customers due to hurried technicians, missing appointments, and overselling routes. Our customer churn rate is low and our employee retention is high. A perfect recipe for success.

Trained professionals

Certified Experts

Our employees are professional, courteous and punctual. They take pride in what they do. Wearing clean uniforms, performing regular maintenance on their service equipment, keeping their vehicle clean, and making sure they are abreast of the latest technology and techniques is not something you can train.

Hiring the right motivated individuals is key. They are respectful and will do what they can to help. Remember it’s their route, their job, and their profits.

Miami Residential Pest Control

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We know

what it takes to keep your home free from those bothersome, roaches, ants, rodents, spiders, fleas, ticks, millipedes, and so much more.

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